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Eradicating Poverty – a Lofty Ideal or Achievable Goal?

Rome (Italy) – The first Sustainable Development Goal calls for us to end poverty in all its forms everywhere by 2030. The goal and the deadline are ambitious – and they need to be. We do not have the luxury of time. Poverty is so intertwined with hunger, migration, forced displacement, conflict and environmental degradation that prioritising its eradication is not only a moral and economic imperative, but essential to address the most pressing global issues of our time.

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Food and nutrition in Africa: a long road ahead

In Johannesberg, IPS interviewed Dr.Bernadette Lahai, a Sierra Leonean politician and the current Minority Leader of Parliament, on the the Pan African Parliament Food and Nutrition Security Agenda. She is the leader of the main opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party in the House of Parliament. She is also the Vice President of the Pan African Parliament.

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Large-Scale Rainwater Harvesting Eases Scarcity in Kenya

Rainwater harvesting in Kenya and other places is hardly new. But in this water-stressed country, where two-thirds of the land is arid or semiarid, the quest for a lasting solution to water scarcity has driven useful innovations in this age-old practice.

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Kenya’s Young Inventors Shake Up Old Technology

They are both third-year mechanical engineering students at Sang’alo Technical Institute in Bungoma County, Western Kenya.

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Many Cities Don’t Know How Dangerous Their Air Pollution Is

UNITED NATIONS – China and India are not the only countries with an air pollution problem, 98 percent of cities in developing countries don’t meet World Health Organization (WHO) air quality standards according to research published by the UN body last week.

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African countries must collect more taxes. But how?

Improving tax collection in African countries is a vital step towards sustainable economic development, and has benefits far beyond the revenue it generates. By Gargee Ghosh of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

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