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Was Gilles Cistac murdered to make Frelimo look bad?

Some say that Gilles Cistac was murdered to make Frelimo look bad. If that was the objective, they succeeded. On Thursday the Frelimo spokesperson, sounding like a wounded buffalo, in trembling voice, accused the social media of blaming the Party for the assassination without justification.

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Women are saying: Enough!

Hours after nearly 1000 people marched in downtown Nairobi, Kenya, to protest against the rising rate of assault on women, it was reported that a Kenyan woman was stripped by a mob at a bus stop, after she was accused of ‘tempting’ men because of her supposed ‘indecent’ clothing.

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‘They don’t teach it in law school’: white privilege and Oscar Pistorius

Notwithstanding the violent and aggressive behaviour he exhibited in his personal life, the product of a historically heavily subsidised racial group in South Africa, Oscar Pistorius’ life demonstrates how white privilege protected his masculinity from being constructed as uncivil, criminal, threatening and dangerous.

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Test of African democracy – Burkina and beyond

Washington, DC — On Thursday the former soldier who seized power in Burkina Faso 27 years ago agreed to negotiate with opponents. The announcement was a response to massive popular demonstrations against President Blaise Compaore’s intention to extend his rule for another term.

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A “take your madam home campaign” instead? A comment on social justice tours in townships

Lately I have been struggling with the idea (and the proliferation) of “social justice tours” in South Africa. If you don’t know what I am talking about, social justice tours are tours which take the tourist through low income, economically depressed or working class neighborhoods —mostly former townships—whilst teaching them and allowing them to “witness the reality of marginalization, poverty and oppression that 48% of [the] South African population is forced to endure.” The latest iteration of this kind is that run by Media for Justice, a nonprofit run by Gillian Schutte, a well-known web commentator and her husband, filmmaker Sipho Singiswa, in Johannesburg’s Alexandra and two other black townships. continue reading »

‘Rwanda: The Untold Story’: questions for the BBC

A deeply flawed BBC documentary on Rwanda’s genocide raises serious questions over the corporation’s ethics and standards.

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