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To Effectively Combat Climate Change, Involve Women

Atlanta (USA) – London’s Waterloo Bridge over the River Thames is famously known as the “Ladies Bridge,” for it was built largely by women during the height of World War II.  On another continent, women fighting a different war have built an equally remarkable structure: a 3,300-meter anti-salt dyke constructed by a women’s association in Senegal to reclaim land affected by rising levels of salt water.

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Stories of Hope from a Cameroon Refugee Camp

To the world they are known as “refugees”. Nameless, faceless, all the same. But each of them have a different story to tell, of their lives, who they lost, and how they got here. Fleeing from the devastating conflict in the Central African Republic (CAR), today they are rebuilding their lives, one day at a time, in a camp in Cameroon. UN Women supports economic and social rehabilitation to some 6,250 vulnerable women and survivors of sexual and gender-based violence there. These are some of their stories.

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Winning Women a Greater Say in Somaliland’s Policy-Making

Bar Seed is the only female member in Somaliland’s 82-person Parliament, but activists hope upcoming national elections may end her isolation.

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Women for Expo 2015 – Interview with Rana Allam: Women’s empowerment has a very long way to go in rural Egypt

Brussels- After the Egyptian Revolution got dragged into a cycle of violence and complicated politicking, numerous stories have come out describing how daily life has failed to improve for ordinary women. Rana Allam, former Editor in Chief of The Daily News Egypt, discusses the aftermath of the Arab Spring, journalism in Egypt today and how the “Empowerment of women has a very long way to go in rural Egypt” in in this interview for Women for Expo, a project promoted by Expo Milano 2015.

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From Genocide to African Catwalks – How Rwandan Women are Building their Lives and the Fashion Industry

Kigali – Before Rwanda’s 1994 genocide, Salaam Uwamariya’s husband, a professor, was the family breadwinner, providing for her and their eight children. Uwamariya sold vegetables at a nearby market to supplement their income.

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Abortion Cases on the Rise among Young Women in Kenya

Nairobi – Western Kenya region is on the spot over the increased cases of abortion, according to research conducted by the Ministry of Public Health in February and April 2014.

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