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Exclusive. Op-Ed: We can help the people of CAR unleash their immense untapped potential

Brussels – On 17 November, the International conference for the Central African Republic will take place in Brussels, organised jointly by the European Union and the Central African Government., in partnership with African media partners, publishes a joint op-ed by Faustin-Archange Touadéra (President of the Central African Republic), Federica Mogherini (High Representative of the European Union for Foreign and Security Policy and Vice-President of the European Commission), Jan Eliasson (Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations) and Makhtar Diop (Vice-President of the World Bank).

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Opinion: World Bank Reinvents Tainted Aid Program for Ethiopia

OAKLAND I was taught that responsibility means admitting your mistakes and being accountable when you make a mistake. I still believe this to be true for individuals and institutions.

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Africa’s Growing Population: An Untapped Dividend or Curse?

Africa’s rapidly growing population presents a unique set of challenges as well as opportunities for the continent. If properly harnessed, the potential for economic development in the long term could be enormous.

While Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA)’s population currently stands at approximately 856 million, the World Bank estimates that another half a billion people will be added to the continent by 2030. They further project that the continent will be home to two billion people by 2050, and that three out of every four persons added to the global population between now and 2100 will be in Africa.

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Greece & Nigeria: A tale of two bailouts

As it so often happens, the best hope for answers to thorny issues is by relying on history. To that effect, I would like to turn to the Greece financial quagmire, her negotiation for a bailout by the Eurozone authorities which has been very intense, if not controversial,and incidentally has a parallel to the recent situation where some financially insolvent states in Nigeria have requested for and received approval by president Buhari for a similar financial bailout.

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Investigation Tears Veil Off World Bank’s “Promise” to Eradicate Poverty

An expose published Thursday by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) and its media partners has revealed that in the course of a single decade, 3.4 million people were evicted from their homes, torn away from their lands or otherwise displaced by projects funded by the World Bank.

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World Bank: “Agricultural growth can have very important effects on poverty in Africa”

Following the publication of the World Bank’s Africa’s Pulse report, World Bank Chief Economist for Africa Punam Chuhan-Pole and World Bank Senior Economist Luc Christiaensen, share with Afronline their analysis of issues shaping Africa’s economic future and suggest measures to increase agricultural productivity. The interview was released in the framework of Expo 2015.

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