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How the SACP and World Bank Agree on Policies that Restrain Redistribution in South Africa

Have we reached the end of the road for redistribution in South Africa? Recent publications by the World Bank and the South African Communist Party (SACP) suggest that the time for redistribution may well be over.

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Middle-income Kenya still in need of aid

Nairobi – Coffee farmer Gabriel Kimwaki from Nyeri County, in central Kenya, is considering “giving up farming altogether”. He told IPS that the returns are too low “and with every harvesting season, I am making less and less profit.”

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Inter-African research links rare below the Sahara

Most research in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) is produced alongside scientists from outside the region, with collaborations within Africa sorely lacking, says a report, which also found that the region’s research capacity is too small to keep up with development ambitions.

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Back agriculture to get the most out of aid to Africa

An online tool shows which technologies will do the most to help farmers improve yields, writes Gordon Conway, director of the Agriculture for Impact programme and professor of international development at Imperial College London, United Kingdom.

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ACP countries urge an international conference on Ebola

Brussels – With over 4,500 deaths, 400 health workers infected and a devastating economic impact, the Ebola epidemic is spiraling out of control. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called on the international community last week to concretize its pledges to the Ebola Trust Fund, whose US$ 100,000 fall drastically short of the US$1 billion needed to fight the outbreak. Today, EU ministers of Foreign Affairs met in Luxembourg to discuss joint strategies to counter the spread of the disease (click here for the EU Council’s conclusions). In the midst of this pressing global agenda, African ambassadors, scientists, EU representatives and international organizations gathered in Brussels’ ACP Group headquarters on Friday for a ‘Symposium on the Ebola outbreak in West Africa’.

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Money rolls in as remittances to developing countries increase

Remittances by international migrants from developing countries are on course for strong growth this year, while at the same time forced migration due to violence and conflict has reached unprecedented levels, says the World Bank‘s latest issue of Migration and Development Brief.

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